The Magician Assistant – A Guide

Magician with assistant floating

Magician assistants, also known as stage assistants, are an essential part of magic shows. They play a critical role in the performance, helping the magician to create a sense of mystery and wonder in the minds of the audience. While the magician is the star of the show, the assistant is the unsung hero who … Read more

The Best Close-Up Magicians of All Time

Close-up magic props and items

Close-up magic, also known as micro-magic or table magic, is a type of magic that is performed at close range, often with small objects like cards, coins, or small props. The best close-up magicians are those who are not only skilled at sleight-of-hand and misdirection, but who also have a strong stage presence and an … Read more

Juan Tamariz – The Spanish Magician

Juan Tamariz the magician

Who is Juan Tamariz? Juan Tamariz is a Spanish magician and author known for his expertise in sleight of hand and card magic. He is widely considered one of the greatest magicians of all time and has been a major influence on the art of magic. (See Best Close-Up Magicians of All Time) Tamariz began … Read more