A Guide to Magic Trick Card Decks

Deck of Cards

Trick decks are an essential tool in the art of magic. These decks of cards have been designed to allow magicians to create illusions that would be impossible with a regular deck of cards. There are many types of trick decks available, each with its unique properties and abilities.  In this post, we will explore … Read more

Juan Tamariz – The Spanish Magician

Juan Tamariz the magician

Who is Juan Tamariz? Juan Tamariz is a Spanish magician and author known for his expertise in sleight of hand and card magic. He is widely considered one of the greatest magicians of all time and has been a major influence on the art of magic. (See Best Close-Up Magicians of All Time) Tamariz began … Read more

The Betraying Voice Card Trick

The Betraying Voice Card Trick

For this card trick, the spectator divides the pack into several piles on the table. He takes any card from any heap, replaces it on any pile, and then replaces the piles on top of that. Turning his back, the performer instructs the spectator to deal out the cards one at a time, naming each … Read more

The Sleight of Foot Card Trick

Sleight of Foot Card Trick

Milton of England is responsible for this effect and Max Holden first introduced it. This trick is the pinnacle of card magic. Any deck of cards can be used. The Effect Even though the magician never touches the cards, he finds a specific card in the pack. The magician instructs someone to shuffle a deck … Read more

False Shuffles with Cards – A Guide (With Tutorials)

False Shuffles with Cards - A Guide with Tutorials

In this post, we will explore what false shuffles are in sleight of hand card magic, what those different false shuffles are, what are the best false shuffles, and more. What are False Shuffles? When you false shuffle the cards, you are trying to give the appearance that the cards are being mixed. But the … Read more