Easiest Sleight In Card Magic! (Bill Simon Prophecy Move)

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Easiest Sleight in Card Magic

In the video tutorial below, you will learn one of the easiest moves in card magic! Not only is it easy, but it can also be very powerful, and you can perform some great card tricks with it, which I’ll also share.

(Or watch Easiest Card Sleight of Hand Move on YouTube here)

This sleight of hand move in card magic is known as the Prophecy Move, Prophecy Force as Business Card Prophecy Move. It was invented by Bill Simon and has been used by professionals. (The reason it is also called the Business Card Move is that Bill would use a business card to do the move)

However, it’s easy enough to be used by beginners in magic as well! (You can learn about card magic sleight of hand at Card Sleight of Hand Basics – Beginner’s Guide)

Basically, this is a move in which you will grab the card that a spectator has placed halfway into a deck (face down) and flip it over face up. But there is a secret move in which you basically cut the deck, and place the card in between the top and bottom card of the deck. (But those cards will now appear in the middle of the deck, with the faceup card in between them)

It will now look like those were the two cards that the spectator had placed the facedown card in between. This is also sometimes called the Prophecy Force because this move can be used to force the top and bottom cards of the card deck.

Here’s a Double Prediction Card Trick that uses the Prophecy Move. You can find the full post at Learn an Easy Double Prediction Card Trick! (You can also find more easy card tricks at Simple & Easy Card Tricks for Beginners – Ultimate Guide)

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(Or watch the Easy Double Prediction Card Trick on YouTube here)