Learn to Vanish a Playing Card in Thin Air! (The Vanishing Card Trick)

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Vanish a playing card in thin air - vanishing card trick

In this tutorial video, you will learn how to vanish a playing card at your fingertips into the air! In a future video tutorial, we will learn how to bring the card back with a reappearance.

This is a great trick for beginning card manipulation, which is a form of sleight of hand with playing cards (but instead of using a deck of cards as in most card magic, it usually involves operating each card individually or just parts of the deck). This trick is the foundation for learning how to later cause multiple cards to disappear and reappear.

(Or watch Vanish a Playing Card In Thin Air! Card Manipulation Tutorial for Beginners on YouTube here)

This visual card trick involves the back palm, which is a sleight of hand move. For tips on how to learn sleight of hand more efficiently, see How to Learn Sleight of Hand (or Manipulation) of Cards, Coins & Objects for Magic Tricks.