Mnemonica (Aronson or Memorized Deck) Card Tricks You Can Do!

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Mnemonica Stack, Aronson or Memorized Deck Card Tricks

Mnemonica stack, Aronson, or any memorized deck is great for doing card tricks, even if you are a beginning magician.

(You can learn more about Mnemonica stack at my Mnemonica Stack Guide. If you need help memorizing a deck, you can learn how to do that at How to Memorize a Deck of Cards – 4 Different Ways)

What’s great about Mnemonica or these memorized stacks, especially for beginners, is that you can do some advanced card effects, all while using minimal (or no) sleight of hand! (See Should You Learn Mnemonica Stack?)

In fact, you can do much easier full deck false shuffles with a memorized stack. Here’s a video of some of my favorite and easy false shuffles for Mnemonica or memorized deck tricks.

Watch Best Mnemonica or Mem Deck False Shuffles on YouTube

Once you can do some simple false shuffles, you can do some of these Mnemonica tricks below! (These work for any memorized stack including Aronson as well. I’ll be adding to this page over time with more tricks as well!)

If you want to do even more advanced false shuffles, see the guide False Shuffles with Cards – A Guide (With Tutorials) and check out the full-deck false shuffles.

1) Reveal the Location of Any Named Card

In this effect, you will reveal the location of any named card from a deck that they have seen you mix.

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The deck is also placed inside the box and can be placed behind the spectator’s back or in their pocket and completely out of view.

Free Mentalism Guide

The spectator can also deal down to the card.

Watch Reveal the Location of a Named Card In a Deck You Mixed on YouTube

Or watch Reveal the Location of a Named Card In a Deck You Mixed on YouTube.

2) ACAAN (Any Card at Any Number)

In this video, I’ll offer some methods to perform the popular ACAAN or A Card at Any Number trick using Mnemonica, Aronson, or any memorized deck (Mem Deck) stack. (You can find the full post with right up on this trick at ACAAN for Mnemonica, Aronson, or a Mem Deck Stack. You can also learn how to force a number is mentioned below at How To Force Almost Any Number For Magic)

Watch ACAAN (A Card At Any Number) with Mnemonica, Aronson or Mem Deck on YouTube

In the future, I will try to make a video in which I do a full performance of the ACAAN version I like to do involving Mnemonica. Something useful to have in the meantime is my video in which I discuss how to do number forces for my ACAAN Mnemonica.

Number Force for Magic (4 Methods)

You can also watch Number Force for Magic (How to Force Almost Any Number) on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these can be some useful Mnemonica tricks (or any memorized deck) to get you started or to add to your repertoire of card tricks!