Learn The Remove (Or Vanish) Your Pinky Magic Trick!

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Vanish or remove your pinky magic trick tutorial

In this magic trick, you will learn a technique to make it look as if you have removed your pinky and stuck it back on your hand!

This is sometimes also referred to as the Vanishing and Reappearing Pinky Magic Trick or the Missing Pinky Trick. (Because the pinky does also appear as if it may have vanished from the hand or that it’s gone missing)

This is a type of magic known as finger or hand magic, and it is not to be underestimated! In fact, Meir Yedid was a famous magician who won awards just for doing finger magic tricks! (You can check out his famous book Finger Fantasies here, or you can see all of his work and tricks here.)

(You can also watch watch Remove Your Pinky Magic Trick on YouTube here)

The good thing about finger magic is that it is completely impromptu, meaning you can do it at any time! And with no props or items needed. So, you’ve always got the trick on you and can perform anytime.

Also, I think they are good for kids. And, they can be good for warming up an audience and getting their attention.