Learn The Snap Change Card Trick!

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Snap Change Visual Card Trick

In the video below, you can learn a visual card trick in which the wrong card will magically change to the selected card in mid-air! (You can see all card tricks on this site here)

This is based on the color change in card magic, commonly referred to as the snap change. The snap change is commonly credited to Ed Marlo, however, there are sources that claim that it may go back to a magician before Ed Marlo’s time.

This is a good trick to do since it is fast and also visual. Audiences usually like these kinds of tricks, especially kids. Color changes are also good tricks to perform as they are usually very simple and get good reactions.

Watch Favorite Visual Card Change Trick Tutorial – Snap Change Card Trick on YouTube

This is a good little trick routine since it incorporates the snap change into an actual trick. Usually, the snap change is just taught by itself.

But, this little routine will give the trick a beginning and an ending. However, this will require the use of more card sleight of hand, including a card control and a double lift.

(You can start learning the basics of card sleight of hand at The Card Sleight of Hand Basics for Beginners Guide. If you would like to learn the easy Double Lift that I use in this trick (that’s great for beginners), see Easiest Double Lift in Card Magic!)

This trick will probably take a good amount of time to practice and learn not just the snap change sleight, but also the other sleights needed for the trick. (You can learn more about learning sleight of hand at How to Learn Sleight of Hand for Magic Tricks)