Learn an Easy Double Prediction Card Trick!

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Easy Double Prediction Card Trick

In this card trick tutorial below, we will learn a double prediction card trick that I came up with using a very easy sleight of hand move!

The move used is called the Prophecy Move, and you can learn more about it at Easiest Sleight In Card Magic! (Bill Simon Prophecy Move)

(Or watch Easy Double Prediction Card Trick – Easy Sleight of Hand on YouTube here)

This card magic trick features not just one, but two card predictions! The magician makes a prediction ahead of time that stays in full view. The spectator places a card into a shuffled deck but not all the way.

The magician then flips the card over so we can keep track of where it is. When the deck is spread and the faceup card is found that the spectator placed in the deck, the two cards that the spectator placed the card in between, completely match the two-card prediction that the magician made before the trick!

The good thing is that this card magic trick can be done with a borrowed shuffled deck, or it can be done completely impromptu with no setup needed, and an ordinary deck of cards.

It is not a self-working card trick, but it is one of the easiest that you can do for card tricks that require any card sleight of hand and is good for magic beginners. (You can learn the Best Self-Working Card Tricks here or Simple & Easy Card Tricks for Beginners here)

You can learn the sleight of hand move in the post mentioned earlier, or by watching the video below. (You can also visit Card Sleight of Hand Basics – Everything You Need to Know to learn the basics of card sleight of hand)

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(Or watch Easiest Sleight of Hand Move in Card Magic (Prophecy Move) on YouTube here)