Easiest Double Lift in Card Magic! (Great for Beginners)

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Easiest Double Lift in Card Magic (Beginner Friendly)

This video tutorial below will feature what I think is possibly the easiest double lift for beginners in magic to learn!

If you have been learning magic, and especially card magic, then you probably will have heard about the sleight of hand card move called the Double Lift. (You can learn all the basics of sleight of hand card magic in the post Card Sleight of Hand Basics – Everything You Need to Know)

The Double Lift is considered an essential move in card magic, and you will hear about it continually. This is because it is a versatile move and can accomplish many different effects, so it is used in many, many card tricks. (See all this site’s card tricks you can learn in the Card Tricks section)

(Or watch Easiest Double Lift for Beginners Tutorial on YouTube here)

The Double Lift has many different variations, and some variations of the Double Lift can take years to truly master. (Some versions are harder than others)

It’s usually advisable to have a Double Lift “get ready” before you perform the turnover part of your Double Lift move (technically you are performing a Double Turnover, but everyone refers to the move as a Double Lift, so we will too).

This is where you hold a break under the top two cards, which allows you to get your right hand fingers instantly under the top two cards when you go to turn them over. (If you don’t have a break ahead of time, you will need to perform either a “strike double” or a “push off double lift”)

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This Double Lift move featured in this tutorial, allows you to get a break easily by using a right hand thumb count (but one that is not so obvious). This is much easier for a beginner to do compared to a pinky count in order to get your double, which can take lots of practice to be able to do.

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Also, the turnover part of the Double Lift is also a somewhat easier move than some other Double Lifts. However, it is still convincing and works well.

Hope you like this tutorial and give it a try!