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Welcome to ULearnMagic.com!

Here you can find all kinds of info on learning magic and magic tricks.  This is a great resource if you are a beginning magician, or you don’t have any idea where to start.

It took me years to figure out all the different aspects and where to go with each one.  Hopefully I can teach you many things.  You can find info about different types of magic.  This includes cards, coins, sleight of hand, manipulation, etc.

You can also learn about different sleight of hand techniques as well as self working effects.  I will also mention different magicians that you could possibly seek info from.  Who they are and what they do and teach.

Also, we will explore different pieces of magic such as technique and performance.

I will also cover different books and printed material that might be of use to the budding magician.

Even if you are experienced, hopefully you can learn something or find something of value as well!