How to Learn Magic!

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Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully, you are interested in learning magic, or you are someone who has experience and would like to learn more magic.  Let’s hop on in!

How to Learn Magic

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Learn magic tricks!

I spent years learning magic and different magic tricks.  At first, I started out and knew I wanted to learn magic.  But there is more information written about magic than any other art form combined.

So, there can be a lot to navigate when you start out and it can be difficult to know where to begin, what paths to eventually take, and what the best resources are to use.  It might even be a little overwhelming.

Plus, it’s hard to know where to invest your time or money.  The good thing is you can also get started for free should you so choose.

This site will help you to learn magic even if you know nothing about it or you are just starting out.  Magic can be very fun and rewarding.

Many people have enjoyed magic as a hobby in their spare time, or as a way to impress or entertain friends and family, or even strangers.  It can help with confidence and performance, such as with public speaking or presentations.

It can also help to strengthen awareness and the mind.  It can do this by strengthening the connection between the body and the mind, or hand-eye coordination.

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Learn Easy Magic Tricks to Start

Hopefully, I can help you with learning some easy magic tricks at first, before getting into the more advanced stuff.  It’s good to have a handful of simple magic tricks to learn when starting out.

This can help you to understand basic fundamentals, work on performance, and improve sleight of hand coordination.  This can make your magic learning much easier and less frustrating.  It’s much easier to start with easy tricks and the basics before getting into the more advanced stuff.  This way you can learn magic step by step.

Even if you desire to do the more advanced stuff, you will have to start with easier tricks and work on the basics first.  You can learn these tricks here online in the comfort of your own home.  Later on, we can get into the best magic tricks to learn as you become more skillful.

Try to Learn Magic Card Tricks

Learn card magic tricks
Learn easy card magic tricks

Some of the easiest magic to start learning are some simple card tricks.  This is because some simple magic principles can be applied to card tricks so that you don’t have to learn any complicated moves.  These are usually called self-working tricks.

Now I do believe that moves and sleight of hand are the foundation of magic and will make you a good magician, but you can learn some simple card tricks to start out without working endlessly or for years on moves before being able to actually perform them.  That way you can get started faster with being able to do something.  Remember, even David Blaine started out with card tricks.

While you are working on basic card tricks, you can also start learning all about card sleight of hand at Card Sleight of Hand Basics –  Everything You Need to Know in order to get a foundation of card sleight of hand.

I think there are other great forms of magic, but card magic has always been the most popular form of magic and there are more resources on card magic than any other form of magic.  But because there are so many card tricks out there, it’s good to have this resource to know what the cool card tricks are and what will be the best card tricks to learn.

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Consider Learning Mentalism

Mentalism can potentially be a good place to start if you are a beginner.  But this is only because it usually requires easier or no sleight of hand compared to other forms of magic.

You can learn more about Mentalism in our Guide to Mentalism and how to learn mentalism at How to Learn Mentalism.

The only thing is that Mentalism can require more presentation ability since so much of it is presentational.  It really depends on the presentational skill level that you have when starting out.

If you have not developed any skill with presentation from performing in front of people as a beginner, then it might not work well for you.  But if you are someone who already naturally has good presentational skills, then this might not be a problem for you.

Also, realize that mentalism is a much different form of magic than say cards or coins.  It is a very unique category in magic, and it requires the right audience and situation for it to perform well.

For example, Mentalism may not work well at a kid’s birthday party.  Generally, it needs to be performed in a group of adults, and also usually with a more serious tone.

Some of the best mentalism usually carry a very serious tone about them during their presentations.  This may or may not be suitable for you.

Start to Learn Sleight of Hand

Here I will give you some good resources on learning sleight of hand magic.  You want to start learning and practicing sleight of hand magic, even if you are still doing easy tricks when you perform.

That’s why you can continue to grow through practice over time.  It might take months or years to learn certain sleight of hand or sequences of sleight of hand moves so that they become natural and presentable.

So that’s why you want to start early working on the basics and practicing when you feel up to it.  Also, sleight of hand can be fun and a great stress reliever!

Sometimes it can be almost meditative, performing certain moves over and over as you perfect them.  Much like playing an instrument.

Learn more at How to Learn Sleight of Hand & Manipulation for Cards, Coins, Objects for Magic Tricks

Learn Close Up Magic

Close-up magic is probably what you will be learning to do if you start learning any card tricks.  Close-up magic is generally magic that is performed seated at or around a table, and the audience is able to be “close up” and seated or standing close by.  So that’s where the term “close up” magic comes from.

This is in contrast to stage magic, which would be done with the audience further away from the magician or performer they are watching.  Close-up magic is probably what you would be doing if you did tricks for friends or family at the dinner table.  It’s usually limited to a smaller audience.

There are some famous close-up magicians, who either popularized or were very good at close-up magic.  Dai Vernon is known as “The Professor” and is probably the most well-known close-up magician.

But he still performed a lot of stage magic for bigger audiences.  Michael Skinner and Johnny Thompson were two of the best close-up magicians.  They were known for performing magic seated at tables.  Another was Tony Slydini.

Learn Street Magic

A lot of magic can be applied to street magic.  It’s just trying to do close up magic without the table.  This is kind of a new form of magic that was popularized by David Blaine and Dynamo who would go out to the streets and perform magic tricks randomly to people.

But the thing is, some of these tricks can be more advanced, and basic card tricks will probably not be good choices for street magic tricks.  You probably want something more advanced that you are very good at before being able to perform street magic.  Most of the guys who did this were very experienced and had years of experience already.

But street magic actually existed before David Blaine, but in a different form.  It was usually performed as busking, where a magician or performer set up somewhere, sometimes even with a table, and would perform more stage magic type of magic for those who could stand further away.

There are some like Cellini, Gazzo, and Chris Capehart who have done this their entire lives.  This can have its own difficulties as you have to be able to set up and have a desirable place to perform.  Then you have to be good at crowd management, and usually very good at sleight of hand or misdirection.

Magic Books for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you might want to invest in some of the most popular magic books for beginners of all time.  This is because these books have been proven over time and have provided tremendous value for a lot of beginning magicians.

Learning Magic Beyond the Free Stuff

When you are more advanced and you are looking to get into more advanced magic tricks and sleights, you might want to have a look at:

But let me warn you that this can become a black hole since they have so many products, and you may be overwhelmed with what to choose, with not a lot of direction.  Also, you might end up spending more money than you would like to.  Just keep that in mind!