Cards in a Suit

Cards in a suit

In this post, we will look at one of the playing card basics, the cards in a suit.  We will examine all the cards in each suit, how many cards are in each suit, what each card is in each suit, and more. The Cards in a Suit There are four suits in a deck … Read more

Order of Cards in a Deck

Cards in a suit

In this post, we will look at the order of cards in a deck.  This includes the order of cards in a new deck, and the order of cards from least to greatest, depending on the game being played. Order of Cards in a New Deck When you get a new deck of cards, they … Read more

Deck of Cards Probability Explained

Deck of cards probability

Many questions come up in probability involving a standard deck of playing cards.  Furthermore, many times card players will also want to know different probabilities for the card games they are involved in. In this post, you will learn about probability with a deck of cards and how it works.  This will include examples of … Read more

How to Learn Magic Tricks at Home

How to learn magic tricks at home

How can you start learning magic tricks if you are stuck at home?  You don’t need a direct mentor to teach you nowadays, nor do you have to enroll in magic classes.  Magic learning can be done at home and anytime, with the options available today. Learning magic might seem very daunting at first.  There … Read more

How Many Non-Face Cards are in a Deck of 52 Cards?

How many non-face cards in a deck of cards?

In this post I’ll answer the question, How many non-face cards are in a deck of 52 cards?  As well as some other related questions about non-face cards in a standard deck of cards. What are Non-Face Cards? The non-face cards are all the cards that are not specifically face cards in a deck.  Since … Read more