Mnemonica Stack Order by Juan Tamariz – A Guide

Juan Tamariz the magician

The Mnemonica stack was made famous by the well-known magician Juan Tamariz.   Juan Tamariz was known for his extraordinary card magic, and a lot of this card magic involved using his Mnemonica stack order.  It’s now extremely well known in the magic community and is considered by magicians to be one of the best memorized … Read more

7 Best Easy Self-Working Card Tricks (for Beginners & Pros)

Self Working Card Tricks Hand

Easy self working card tricks are great to learn when starting out.  They generally require no sleight of hand skill. So they are perfect for those just starting out and not having much manual dexterity.  Also, they can be good if you are older and don’t have the ability to move your hands as quickly … Read more

Simple & Easy Card Tricks for Beginners – Ultimate Guide

Deck of cards for card magic

Let’s start out by learning some super simple easy card tricks for beginners if you are just starting in magic.  These basic and simple card tricks can be great to learn when starting out, as you can more quickly and easily learn them, than with more advanced card tricks. Some advanced card tricks could take … Read more