Should You Learn Mnemonica Stack?

Should you learn Mnemonica Stack?

Somewhere in your journey of card magic, you are eventually likely to come across the idea of memorized deck magic.  This usually comes in the form of either Mnemonica or Aronson stack, (although there are different stacks that others use, these are just the two most common). So you might be wondering if Mnemonica stack … Read more

Mnemonica Stack Order by Juan Tamariz – A Guide

Mnemonica stack order by Juan Tamariz

The Mnemonica stack was made famous by well-known magician Juan Tamariz.   Tamariz was known for his extraordinary card magic, and a lot of this card magic involved using his Mnemonica stack order.  It’s now extremely well known in the magic community and is considered by magicians to be one of the best memorized decks, if … Read more