Free Card Magic Book

close-up card magician

On this page, you will find a link to one of the greatest card magic books of all time! This book contains some of the greatest card magic secrets and card sleights of all time, as well as some card tricks. In fact, some magicians consider it a must-read, and it is one of the … Read more

A Guide to Mentalism

What is mentalism

Mentalism has become the newest type of magic to gain popularity in recent years. Not only that, but the amount of professional mentalists and teaching material has also grown tremendously. In this post, we will explore mentalism in a complete guide to mentalism. What is Mentalism? Mentalism is a type of magic that is usually … Read more

Card Sleight of Hand Basics – Everything You Need to Know

Card Sleight of Hand Basics

If you are interested in learning sleight of hand for card magic, then this will be a great resource for you!  In this post, I would like to share with you the best card sleights, which ones you should learn, and how to apply all of them. Furthermore, I’ll break the sleights down into different … Read more

How to Learn Magic Tricks at Home

How to learn magic tricks at home

How can you start learning magic tricks if you are stuck at home?  You don’t need a direct mentor to teach you nowadays, nor do you have to enroll in magic classes.  Magic learning can be done at home and anytime, with the options available today. Learning magic might seem very daunting at first.  There … Read more

Should You Learn Mnemonica Stack?

Should you learn Mnemonica Stack?

Somewhere in your journey of card magic, you are eventually likely to come across the idea of memorized deck magic.  This usually comes in the form of either Mnemonica or Aronson stack, (although there are different stacks that others use, these are just the two most common). So you might be wondering if the Mnemonica … Read more

How to Learn Sleight of Hand (or Manipulation) of Cards, Coins & Objects for Magic Tricks

How to Learn Sleight of Hand and Manipulation with cards & coins

In this post, I’m going to share with you my tips and methods on how to learn sleight of hand and manipulation with cards, coins, and any other object.  These are my tips on how to learn sleight of hand better and master it more successfully. You will then be able to incorporate this sleight … Read more