Learn The Reverse Card (Upside Down Card) Trick!

Reverse Card (Upside Down) Card Trick Tutorial

In this video tutorial, you will learn an easy card trick for beginners (but with a more advanced option). The performance features a more advanced version, but a simpler version is given that involves no card sleight of hand. (You can learn more easy card tricks for beginners here) The trick is somewhat of a … Read more

What’s the Best Coin Size for Coin Magic?

What size coin is best for coin magic?

Many times when people are getting into coin magic for the first time, the most common question asked will be about what the right coin size should be for them to use. I’ll try to quickly answer that question in this post. Let’s begin! The Best Coin Size for Each Person So essentially, the best … Read more

How To Force Almost Any Number For Magic

Force any number for magic trick

In the video below, I’ll show you four different methods you can use to force almost any number for a magic trick or card trick. (One trick I use this for is the Mnemonica Any Card At Any Number (ACAAN) found here. The first method involves using an analog watch with a turn dial. (It … Read more

Learn The Snap Change Card Trick!

Snap Change Visual Card Trick

In the video below, you can learn a visual card trick in which the wrong card will magically change to the selected card in mid-air! (You can see all card tricks on this site here) This is based on the color change in card magic, commonly referred to as the snap change. The snap change … Read more

Learn The Remove (Or Vanish) Your Pinky Magic Trick!

Vanish or remove your pinky magic trick tutorial

In this magic trick, you will learn a technique to make it look as if you have removed your pinky and stuck it back on your hand! This is sometimes also referred to as the Vanishing and Reappearing Pinky Magic Trick or the Missing Pinky Trick. (Because the pinky does also appear as if it … Read more

Mnemonica (Aronson or Memorized Deck) Card Tricks You Can Do!

Mnemonica Stack, Aronson or Memorized Deck Card Tricks

Mnemonica stack, Aronson, or any memorized deck is great for doing card tricks, even if you are a beginning magician. (You can learn more about Mnemonica stack at my Mnemonica Stack Guide. If you need help memorizing a deck, you can learn how to do that at How to Memorize a Deck of Cards – … Read more

Free Card Magic Book

Free card magic book

On this page, you will find a link to one of the greatest card magic books of all time! This book contains some of the greatest card magic secrets and card sleights of all time, as well as some card tricks. In fact, some magicians consider it a must-read, and it is one of the … Read more

A Guide to Mentalism

Mentalism Guide

Mentalism has become the newest type of magic to gain popularity in recent years. Not only that, but the amount of professional mentalists and teaching material has also grown tremendously. In this post, we will explore mentalism in a complete guide to mentalism. What is Mentalism? Mentalism is a type of magic that is usually … Read more

A Standard Deck of Cards

A Standard Deck of Cards

A standard deck of cards has been around for hundreds of years and has served many purposes. Commonly used in card games, as well as magic tricks, cards have been a source of entertainment and fun for many generations. In this post, we will look at a standard deck of cards in detail, including how … Read more