Is an Ace a Face Card? Or Number Card?

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A question I’ve seen sometimes asked about a deck of cards, is if an Ace is a face card?  Or is an Ace a number card? 

I’ll answer the question in this post, as well as some other relevant questions!

Is an ace a face card? Or a number card?
Is an ace a face card? Or a number card?

Is an Ace a Face Card?

No.  The Ace is not a face card.  The face cards in a deck are the Jacks, Queens and Kings.  These are all the cards that have pictures on them of people (or royalty), and so they each have faces on them.  This is where the name “face cards” comes from.

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Is an Ace a Number Card?

Yes, an Ace is a number card.  The number cards are all the value cards from Ace to ten.  The Ace represents the number 1 in a deck of cards.  That is, there is no number 1 card, instead, there are the Ace cards. 

Each Ace has exactly one pip in the middle of the card since they represent the number 1 card.  (All the other number cards have the number of pips in the middle of the card equal to the card’s number).

In the history of cards, the Ace eventually came to replace the number 1 card in a deck. This is why the Ace features one pip on it. (Each number card has the same number of pips on it) Although historically the Ace came to replace the number 1 card, in modern times, some consider it to not be a number card, since in many games it represents the highest value card, above a King. But historically, it was the 1 card, and was a number card.

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What is an Ace Card Considered?

The Ace card is considered a number card in a deck of cards.  The face cards are the Jacks, Queen and Kings.  The number cards are all the cards from Ace to ten, with the Ace representing the number 1.

Is an Ace a Face Card in Probability?

No, the Ace card is not considered a face card in probability.  The face cards are only the Jacks, Queens and Kings.

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2 thoughts on “Is an Ace a Face Card? Or Number Card?”

  1. That is completely nonsensical. Just because it has a value of 1, which in most games it does not, it is a number card? Number cards are ONLY those with numbers on them. Not those with a letter. Ace is neither a number card or a face card.

    • Historically, the Ace was the lowest card in the deck, (the King being the highest.) (This makes sense in Monarch societies where cards originated). Some decks had an Ace in them, and some had a number 1 card instead of an Ace. The Ace and 1 were interchangeable and represented the same thing. That’s why the Ace has one pip on it. It has historically represented the number 1.

      It’s only in more recent times that the Ace would sometimes represent the highest card. This was because of societies that revolted against the idea of a king and monarchies (the early United States of America probably being one of those). But even nowadays, most games include the Ace as being the lowest or highest, and still holding the low card position. Poker, Rummy, BlackJack (where the Ace can represent the number 1, or be a higher card) and in Solitaire it still holds the lowest value.

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