Top Magician Phrases and Sayings of All-Time

Magician performing magic trick rabbit out of hat

Magicians are known for their ability to create awe-inspiring illusions and to captivate audiences with their performances. They have also developed a unique culture with a variety of quotes and phrases that are used within the magic community. These sayings often have deep meanings and offer insights into the art of magic.  In this post, … Read more

False Shuffles with Cards – A Guide (With Tutorials)

False Shuffles with Cards - A Guide with Tutorials

In this post, we will explore what false shuffles are in sleight of hand card magic, what those different false shuffles are, what are the best false shuffles, and more. What are False Shuffles? When you false shuffle the cards, you are trying to give the appearance that the cards are being mixed. But the … Read more

Learn a Self-Working ACAAN (A Card At Any Number) Card Trick!

Best Self-Working ACAAN Card Trick (A Card at Any Number)

In this video, you’ll watch and learn the best self-working ACAAN (A Card At Any Number) card trick that I know! It’s not very common to find a self-working ACAAN, mainly because most ACAAN card tricks require some form of sleight of hand, making them not self-working. (Here are some more self-working card tricks that … Read more