Learn a Self-Working ACAAN (A Card At Any Number) Card Trick!

Best Self-Working ACAAN Card Trick (A Card at Any Number)

In this video, you’ll watch and learn the best self-working ACAAN (A Card At Any Number) card trick that I know! It’s not very common to find a self-working ACAAN, mainly because most ACAAN card tricks require some form of sleight of hand, making them not self-working. (Here are some more self-working card tricks that … Read more

What’s the Best Coin Size for Coin Magic?

What size coin is best for coin magic?

Many times when people are getting into coin magic for the first time, the most common question asked will be about what the right coin size should be for them to use. I’ll try to quickly answer that question in this post. Let’s begin! The Best Coin Size for Each Person So essentially, the best … Read more

Learn The Snap Change Card Trick!

Snap Change Visual Card Trick

In the video below, you can learn a visual card trick in which the wrong card will magically change to the selected card in mid-air! (You can see all card tricks on this site here) This is based on the color change in card magic, commonly referred to as the snap change. The snap change … Read more